If you are a Broker, Agent or Intermediary and have a potential deal, we want to hear about it and discuss how we may be able to work together. We respect and protect Brokers at all levels, but we also expect and demand honesty and transparency. Our Brokers are expected to be professional, have realistic expectations as to the deal and the compensation, cooperate with the requests presented to them and realize that they need to step out of the process for the deal to work. We have ( and will continue) to walk away from and stop deals due to “Bad Brokers” who misrepresent themselves or the deal, who feel the need to “be in charge” of the process or have unrealistic expectations of how they should be compensated or how the deal should work. We keep an active list of these individuals and happily share them with our Partners in their specific industry. In return for being honest and forthright, brokers are rewarded with fair compensation on deals and more opportunities. Many times these Brokers become Strategic Partners and stay active in many more deals than just what they presented. If you are interested in Brokering a deal with us, we would enjoy the opportunity to learn more about it and how we may be able to work together. Please reach out to us through our Contact section of the website.